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H3C Built a Smart City Operation & Command Center in Zhengzhou Hi-tech Zone


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In Zhengzhou Hi-tech Zone, a Smart City Operation & Command Centeris becoming a new landmark for the city in the era of digitalization. In the exhibition hall, through technologies such as 5G, AR/VR, IoT and intelligent identification, visitors can experience a series of innovative technologies and applications.

The Smart City Operation & Command Center, which was built with H3C, laid a key foundation for the smart city construction. Operation & Command Center addresses key issues and tasks including people's livelihood, government management and industrial development. Through integrating the three major information resources, namely government management, public service and social service, the center shares, analyzes and studies the current and future trends of economic operation, industrial development and social governance, thus make policy regulation more scientific, foreseeable and effective. Meanwhile, in fields including public service and industrial development, it activates the value of government data assets by means of data assets operation.

City Digital Brain Accelerates Urban Transformation

Based on the Digital Brain Project launched this year, a Smart Digital Platform which consists of digital infrastructure, business empowerment platform, unified O&M services and active security, and combined with the smart application ecosystem of the industrial partners, H3C build the City Digital Brain as the capacity center of the transformation and remodeling of Zhengzhou High-tech Zone. depending on the overall digital capacity of the City Digital Brain, a data middleware was built, on which H3C constructed a powerful digital engine ,realized the collaborative governance and sorting of data in such fields as transportation, environmental protection and people's livelihood, and built a comprehensive underlying platform for urban management and service.

Build the City Operation & Command Center into a Data Center for Smart Transformation

In Operation & Command Center, from the general situation of city operation to the overall monitoring, the current operation of the city is presented to policymakers and managers in clear and comprehensive visual images. H3C built a city data engine that is equipped with advanced technologies and comprehensive functions. It collects all kinds of data from the internet and IoT to realizes data sharing, storage, process and fusion application with its powerful computing and analytical ability, thus provides comprehensive support for the policymaking, management and service delivery of the city.The overall control of the city operation is the first step of urban transformation, while realizing the integration and sharing of data, collaborative governance and the insight into the value of data are the crucial steps. In economic development, Operation & Command Center will help integrate data in national economic accounting, fixed investments, public finance and other aspects of urban economic development, so as to be aware of the city's overall economic operation situation.Meanwhile, the construction of Operation & Command Center brings bestexperience to residents. In the High-tech Zone, through its access to the data of infrastructure such as housing and roads, public facilities such as parks and green lands, as well as environmental monitoring indicators that perceive the natural environment such as air and water quality, the center presents the overall quality of the urban residential environment. What's more, Operation & Command Center can integrate the data of people's livelihood, education, healthcare and urban management. With the help of GIS, it can show the spatial distribution of various educational resources, healthcare resources, cultural and sports resources, social undertakings resources, and citizen service resources.

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